Parent Board/Volunteers

Glenview Methodist Preschool is governed and operated by a parent Board of Directors (“BOD”) who work with the Director and teachers to oversee the operations of the school. The Board sets policies, procedures and the budget for the school, in addition to organizing school-wide social and/or fundraising events. Membership on the BOD requires attendance of monthly evening meetings, each month of the school year. Exec Board members are required to attend an additional meeting each month. Service on the BOD is the best way to directly impact the direction and philosophies of the school. All parents are welcome to attend Board meetings.

In addition to serving on the Board, there are many other volunteer opportunities with varying levels of commitment. Serving as a room parent or joining the Benefit Committee are just some of the ways to get involved. 

We encourage all parents to consider serving on the BOD or volunteering as a means of fully participating in the early education of their child/ren and build community within the school. Please reach out to Board President, Katelynn Fields, at president@gmpsglenview.com, with any questions, concerns or ideas for the Board.  


2023-24 Board of Directors & Volunteer Committee

President – Katelynn Fields

Vice President – Jenny Kosoff

Long Range Planning – Alex Simon

Treasurer – Judy Sormaz

Secretary – Kathleen Christell

Social Co-Chairs – Jenna Barrett, Laura Happ, Stephanie Knapp, Julie Lappas

Media Relations – Melissa Niver

Volunteer & Room Parent Coordinator – Amber Souder

Fundraising Co-Chairs – Elyse Martinsen, Megan Lynch

Hospitality – Andrea Cairo, Becky Moffatt

Benefit Committee – Jacki Kelsey, Olivia Koppmann, Claudia Minner, Dana Trumbull, Leia Rossman

Philanthropy – Sheetal Joshipura 

Playground and Garden Maintenance – Sarah Schoeneberg

Scholastic Books – Emily Egan


Board of Directors Positions

*Denotes Exec Board Member

*President: The President works closely with the Director to oversee successful operation of the school. S/he leads monthly Exec and full board meetings and collaborates with board and committee members to ensure activities run smoothly.

*Vice President: The Vice President assists the President as necessary, in addition to overseeing the the annual benefit, planning the end of the year teacher luncheon and administering the school survey.

*Treasurer: Provides board insight on all finance related matters. Acts as board liaison to the bookkeeper.

*Long Range Planning: Keeps progress or assists in the planning of long term projects or improvements that need to happen at the school.

*Secretary: Responsible for taking and keeping record of detailed notes at full board and exec board meeting as well as updating the Parent Handbook each year.

Media Relations: This chair serves as a liaison between GMPS and the general public through promotion of GMPS events. During the school year, s/he provides press releases to local media for all major GMPS events and happenings and compiles photos at all major GMPS events for release to local media and for posting on GMPS social media pages.

Social: The Social chair is to encourage a sense of community within GMPS families.  S/he is responsible for the planning, organizing, and executing of all non-fundraising school events, such as the new family cocktail party and Mom’s/Dad’s Night Out during the school year.

Seasonal Fundraising: This chair is responsible for planning and overseeing all fundraising projects (outside of the Annual Benefit). They coordinate the Holiday Gift Guide received at the beginning of the year.

Volunteers/Room Parent Coordinator: This chair is responsible for the recruitment of, and communication to, all the preschool volunteers throughout the school year.  The Volunteers chair works with the room parents to recruit volunteers for school-wide events.

Hospitality: The Hospitality chair works with the Director to provide food and drink at various Preschool functions.

Additional Volunteer Roles (Not required to attend monthly meetings)

Benefit Chair(s): This role is to be shared among a committee of members. Each member of the Benefit Committee would spearhead a specific section of planning the auction events, which include the online auction, decorations/event entertainment, wine line/basket organization, event set-up/auction close & check-out and event promotion.  

Donation Chair(s): This chair oversees and assists in soliciting donations from local businesses and GMPS families to be used in the GMPS Annual Benefit/Auction.

Philanthropy: This role is responsible for planning, promoting and organizing all school-wide philanthropic efforts, ideally planning at least two events per year (food drive, holiday gift collection, etc.).

Playground and Garden Maintenance: This role oversees the annual maintenance of the school’s outdoor playground and garden space, including the coordination of Fall and Spring clean ups.

Scholastic Books: This chair will be responsible for our monthly Scholastic Book orders, which includes working with the Director to distribute the month Scholastic flyers and submitting the school’s monthly order for processing.