Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule



  • The staff greets children and assist with the transition to school.
  • Staff looks for signs of illness.
  • Staff communicates with parents who walk children into school.

Free Play:

  • Children will learn to make choices and decisions.
  • Children will learn to play with each other.
  • Children will learn to role play and pretend.
  • Children will develop small muscle skills.
  • Children will explore and learn new skills.
  • Children will learn to make plans and follow through.
  • Staff will observe children and learn about their interests.
  • Staff will assist children as needed and encourage their involvement.
  • Staff will become involved in the children’s activities and help extend their ideas.
  • Small Group Activities: (art, science, writing, sensory activities)
  • Children will participate in a variety of teacher-planned activities.
  • Children will learn to focus and follow direction.


  • Children will learn to participate in the clean-up process and develop a sense of responsibility for their classroom.
  • Children will learn to categorize and match materials according to learning centers.
  • Children will learn to follow directions.

Circle Time:

  • Children will enjoy a variety of stories, songs and finger plays
  • Children will practice listening and sharing in a group

Snack Time:

  • Children will enjoy a nutritious snack of fruits and vegetables.
  • Children will assist in snack preparation to encourage their nutritional awareness and to promote social and cognitive skills.

Playground or Gym Time:

  • Children will explore the outdoors for plants, animals, and natural materials.
  • Children will develop large and small muscle skills.
  • Children will learn to play with other children.
  • Staff will initiate activities and become involved in children’s activities.
  • During inclement weather, children will enjoy gym time.


  • Staff and children will recall and share with parents the children’s experiences while at preschool.
  • Staff will say goodbye to children and assist with the transition to home.

Preschool staff may vary the times or order of activities due to special events that day or in response to the children’s needs. Generally, however, this schedule will be followed as consistently as possible since we believe that children are most secure when they know what to expect.